I'm really worried

Im 13 n im a girl. Im not one of the really popular girls at skool, but im not like a billy no mates. Most of my frends are boys and lately i become really close with 1 of them.He is 14 n in year above me. Anyway we got together n we decided 2 have s**. We both ageee wiv it n both felt we were ready. But we didnt use protection. This all happened 2 days ago n i really worried that im pregnant. I dnt no wot 2 do!!!!!! N if i am pregnant how do i tell my parents. My mum dusnt take things very well n gets mad wiv me all the time so im worried bout tellig her but i really want 2 tell her about it.

Please give advice

Jul 27, 2012

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  • I hope you we'n't pregnant love, you need to stay at school, keep your legs together and learn to spell.

  • I would say, " hey I met this guy and he likes me and I like him I went to his place and one thing got to another and I think I'm pregnant."

  • have an abortion by a doctor. or u can get a coat hanger and stick it up ur p**** and swivel it around to kill the fetus. a ghetto abortion. hope this helps

  • First of all, your way too young to be having s**. Your still a child yourself. But im not here to judge you. I want to help. No matter what you shouldn't hide this from your parents. That will end in disaster. Trust me i know. Tell your parents what you did. Yes, they will probably be p*****, but they will help you. If you are pregnant You basically have three choices, each have pros and cons.

    Cons- Scar you phisically and mentally.
    Pros- You dont have to ender the pain and suffering of carrying a baby for 9 months.

    Pros- Baby Goes to a family thats ready.
    Cons- Could Potentally Scar you and the Baby.

    Pros- No mental scarring, Your parents can help you take care of this baby.
    Cons- You have to carry the baby AT SCHOOL for 9 months. It wont be fun for you, your family, or your boyfriend.

    i hope this helps :)
    Make better choices next time so you wont be in this situation again. :)

  • You are not emotionally or psychologically ready to take on that kind of endeavour, and so foolish to have allowed this to take place. I guess the easy way out now (should u find out that u r pregnant) is to have an abortion which will emotionally and psychologically scar u for life. You've made your bed sweetie, now u sleep in it.

  • You can't even type a paragraph with out even talking like a kid! Thtz soo stoopid u look likes dis whens uu talk 2 evry1 haha! It's a joke! If you aren't old enough to talk properly you aren't old enough to be doing stuff like this!

  • Why dont you buy condoms you can at you age

  • 13 is way too young to be having s**.

    You are just a child.

  • Im also 13 nd a girl nd im the same position
    Si geres what u do frist go to the drug store witbsome of ur girl friends nd but a pregnance test thanvu go to a restorant nd take the test with u then gp to the restroom nd take the test uf it says ur pregerrs than when u get to the table hust say " mother father i love you all sooo mich wich is why i think that you really should get mad when i yell you that im pregnant"

  • Dude learn how to f****** spell, I can nearly read what you just said

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