Bi guy in junior high

I am bi and I'm 12 years old I am scared about what my friends will do if they know the only person I have ever told is my cosin and that's cus she got me slightly drunk. All my friends are girls so I don't know how they would react and act around me knowing that I am bi. I am not very like able so if my school found out I would be screwed. I already know a cople of bi girls at my school that are dating but I don't know them that well so I don't think I should talk to them. I don't know anyone who I trust that well besides my parents but if I tell them I would be treated differently by them and I want them to treat me like any other kid. I really need someones help. Please respond.

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  • I want to c** in your ass

  • God made women to love men and men to love women fo a reason if God wanted ppl to b gay ar lesbian or bisexual or transexual or wutever he wud have only created one gender i pray that God will show u wut is right, he made S** too feel good so u cud do it and thats y a d*** fits in a v***** but dont fret yo self, dont get tempted jus cus yo friends are bi and all that f***** up s*** be who u really are if ur friends r bi then i suggest u make some new ones cus dey a bad influence. u seem like a nice kid u just need 2 be shown some love [and u need prayer] but ask God and he will tell u wut 2 do kidd

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