Life probs

All of my friends are falling out with me over a boy who has an ugly fringe and an ugly personality and I hate him and then there is this boy who likes me but I don't like him and then my old friend is bi and j know she is going out with this girl and I may have told a few people and now she is mad and everything is going wrong and I don't know what to do

May 15, 2016

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  • Stupid teenage girl drama

  • First, learn what punctuation is.

    Something you retards don't seem to get is that when you use printed words as a form of communication, that's your "voice". Your post sounds like it was written by a not terribly intelligent girl having a breathless attack of hysteria. Was that your intent? Too bad if it wasn't, because that's how you come off.

    THAT, morons, is why spelling and grammar matter. Not because people who are capable of using the English language are meanie-heads-- that's just your bubble-wrapped upbringing playing up there. (You're not children anymore-- shake off your early programming, since you now know everything.)

  • Take a breath. Get a grip. Realise you're talking about first world problems and be happy about having food and safety and yada. Then decide who you need to go out with or talk to or blah.

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