No more love felt

Im on a trip to eroup with my girlfriend of 3 years our relationship has been going down hill a few month before we left (I admit she caught me flirting with an old school friend 2 years ago), so I thought this trip was going to bring us closer but it fell like it just made everything even more crap. Maybe its me but im felling so unloved she rather spend time talking to her friend on facebook or playing game then being with me. I just dont know what to do.any more

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  • Find someone else to spend your time with. You don't have to cheat, just spend time with other people you enjoy hanging out with, male or female. If she values your relationship, she'll put more effort into it when she feels you are having more fun with other people. If she doesn't care about you, then at least you will have some friends and possibly love interests to fall back on when the relationship ends.

  • Leave that boring dead fish invtge sea go find a chic that likes chic's n have a ball with life f*** her one more time tho like a gangsta n diss her

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