I lost a check for over 400 dollars

I lost a check for over 400 dollars that I got yesterday. I'm so ashamed of myself because it's so not like me, and I'll have to ask for another check from him if I can't find it.

The worst part is telling my boyfriend, because he'll think I'm so irresponsible, and I want to look good in his eyes so he'll marry me someday.

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  • Just explain, I'm sure he'll understand.

  • Where did you lose it? Cause I found a check for 400 dollars. . .

  • Haha I washed my paycheck in the laundry so I feel for ya. No biggie, everyone goofs once in a while.

  • Your boyfriend is going to beat that ass!

  • i found it and spent it on p***!

  • Take up masturbation.

    It solved my problems.

  • just relax, it's a g****** check!

  • DAMN

  • Everyone makes mistakes and if he makes a decision not to marry you because you made one...
    what happens 30 years down the road when something more serious happens?
    Lose him if you have to impress him.

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