I'm starting to scare myself

I'm reluctant to say anything because this is technically public. But since i will remain anonymous, i'm going to be very straightforward.

I never used to think about harming other people, or what it would be like to cut into a person with a knife. Neither was I a fan of horror movies. But lately that's beginning to change with the Halloween season. I catch myself drifting off in thought, thinking about what i would do after i murder my parents. Sometimes i sit down on the couch and think about the perfect murder all morning, or until i'm bothered. My family is realizing my head has been in the clouds, I've been slacking on school, and the only person I've told all of this to, is my boyfriend. He says i scare him, but he'll do what he can to help. I don't know if that means he'll help if I do decide to go with these thoughts, or a promise to put me in a nut ward. Either way, i'm starting to scare myself with how frequent i think about murdering someone. Mostly my family, since i assume they would be the easiest to go after.

I'm not here for attention or to brag. I want your serious opinion on what i should do. Kill someone to satisfy my thoughts, or seek professional help. I'm at a loss. I can't talk to a family member without them probably involving the police. And i think my boyfriend is an inch away from breaking up with me.



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  • Can't imagine why your boyfriend would leave you?

  • You don't like your parents then leave. Support yourself and quit sucking off those you hate you self entitled princess.

  • Wow... you are so full of s***. Someone with thoughts like those wouldn't admit to it. At least not like that... Go somewhere else for attention. That's not even funny to say as a joke. There are real people with real urges to kill innocent people. You're an a****** for posing that. F****** freak

  • Hmmmm, i seen mac'sheryl rock hump ten do that too with her drug addiction. she was all this prision ward like "if they do the crime they do they the time" but the crime could be just anything and as if she is so perfect herself. freakass druggy.

  • Are you stupid?

  • Lol, couldn't think of anything else to write about?

  • This is how it starts. Get to a psychiatrist and try to find out whats causing this.

  • Get professional help!

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