Miserable me

I so hate my husband tonight and the way he treats me :(

Is respectful and loving behaviour so difficult to perform? why don't we have what we deserve in life? why don't we get what we give?

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  • Wives spend their lives trying to remove any happiness from a marriage...look in the mirror for answers, toots!

  • Thats men for you honey!

  • I'm not sure i agree with the previous commentor... true, there's always the possibility... it would be naive and not good "science" to rule out any possibility without proof...
    But there are SO MANY OTHER reasons, and many that you could come to understand and overcome, for your husbands behaviour. If i had more information to go on, i'd maybe have better advice, but right now this could equally be about you being in a bad mood after a bad day at work or something just as much as it is about something your husband specifically has done. Not that im making excuses for him.
    As always, the best advice you could take is to talk to him. Too many people these days are afraid to just communicate. You're supposed to be in an equal, loving and caring relationship... if you don't feel he's living up to his side of it, tell him so... maybe he'll be insulted, or maybe if you communicate adequately with him your feelings he may see what you mean and you can work out a solution together.
    It may be as simple that HE'S had a bad day at work, or hates his job or something entirely unrelated directly to you that is affecting his mood entirely... and these things, unfortunately, have a habit of seeping into other aspects of our lives if we don't address them head on.
    I hope this helps

  • He obviously doesn't love you... Or he found somebody else or he feels he can be with somebody "better". You guys need to talk ASAP!

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