What's God's plan for me exactly? I am

What's God's plan for me exactly? I am just so confused about my direction. I just do what I think I should do, but I really don't know what is waiting for me...so confused.

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  • You are not supposed to be given those answers. You are just supposed to live your life, and do as much as you can to be a "good person". I don't believe if I sin I am going to h***, as long as I truly try my best to be a better person, and to help others.

  • god's plan for you is to find a plan for yourself...

  • He wants you to quit being a child and stop believing in fairy tales.

    Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy as well as the Easter Bunny.


    Take up masturbation.

    It's great for the soul.

  • All we have is each other for now....after that its anyones guess

  • Richard Dawkins and others like him need to consider seriously where the universe came from. They also need to consider why we humans have a sense of morals.

    About God's plan for you, yes, pray and seek His guidance. But also use your common sense as well, and see what you like to do, what you're good at, and what opportunities lie before you.

  • God doesn't exist, all 'good' things happen because of your own effort, coincidence and luck and YES read 'The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins

  • God doesn't exist, read something by Richard Dawkins.

    don't look for advice from a phantom.

  • His plan for you is to live a life to its fullest. HE created YOU because he loves you and wants you to love him back. There can be no greater fufillment. I'm praying for you! Know that you are loved

  • The second commenter is completely right. If you just trust and believe God to show you his will for your life then he will certainly answer you and guide you in the right direction. Keep fasting and praying and it will come to you.


  • Don't listen to the top and third comments, they are lies. There will come a time when you are no longer confused! Just pray hard and talk with people!

  • God's plan is for you to be worthless so other people will feel better about themselves.

  • God does have a plan for you! It is a beautiful and perfect plan that will bring you true happiness. Pray for guidance. Pray that God will guide you to where you are supposed to be. He will never leave a prayer unanswered. Only he might answer in a way you don't expect, a time later on, or something you aren't really sure you want. Do not fear, He will guide your path. I have faith in you!!!

  • God has no plans for you.

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