Im a pregnat 13 year old

Kay so like I'm 13 and pregnant me Nd my nd have been together for 1 year no one except my best friend knows and I'm pretty sure my bf will leave me cuz of it and I'm soooooo scared I have no idea what to do

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  • Dumb, illiterate children cranking out kids they have no clue how to raise is one reason why this world is CTD. It's been over 6 years since this post-- what are the chances OP dropped out of school (looks like it wasn't doing her any good anyway) and shat out at least one more welfare claim by now?

  • I think this will happen to carls soon by some druggy dealer on the streets she picks up outside her house at night.

  • First thing you should do is get some personal English lessons.

  • I do not agree with the last commentor about the "boy"... hes in exactly the same boat you are, theres every chance he'll be very much on your side and he does indeed deserve to know.
    But yes, first priority is your parents, and make a decision from there. But whatever that decision is, i implore you, PLEASE do tell the father... whatever happens, he still deserves to know no matter what. If he somehow finds out later, he'll only feel betrayed that you didnt tell him.
    And no, dont tell your friends... you never know who you can trust at that age.

  • Tell your parents please. No matter what, blood is thicker than water. Your parents will stick by you no matter what. They will be upset, but what do you expect? For them to smile and laugh? 13 and pregnant?? You made your bed, now you must lie in it.

    Use protection next time. Common sense. Or get birth control.
    And leave that idiot boy alone. You can do better. If he's under 18, he's not gonna want a baby. He's too young. So are you.

  • Please go to your parents or your school nurse to talk about this change in your life. People will take care of you even though you are right to be scared of the unknowns. Tell your boyfriend as well, he needs to know.

    You are very young so you are so right to seek help. If you are still scared talk to a relative that cares about you about being pregnant. Don't talk to your friends though as they may blab it to everybody and make you feel even worse.

  • Tell your parents! They may be angry at first but they love you and can/will help.

    Good luck!

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