Cheat an got herpes

I was with my fiance for 4 years. Always loved him never was unfaithful or cheated. he also never cheated which i respected him for that. But always treated me like a piece of s***. Anyways One day we got in a huge fight about him not having a job. So I slept with some 33 year old. Im 20. I slept with him and he gave me herpes. I had to tell that to my fiance it was heartbreaking and I regret it everyday. The guy didnt care. My fiance thank god NEVER caught it from me. I just feel bad I hurt him like that

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  • Thank you guys on your input and thank you mista j it makes me feel better that someone out there doesnt judge me. Everyone makes mistakes.

  • We all make mistakes, and they're much more easily made if we're not happy in the situation we're in. You did something dumb, we all have those moments, but kudos on being honest about it, and im happy for you that it didnt end your relationship entirely.
    Just, next time... be more careful? And think a little bit before brash decisions, let yourself calm down before you do something youll regret again.
    But you were honest about it, and everything turned out well for the most part, so you just need to move on and be sure of your partners choice to stick with you. You remaining anxious about it will just let it hang around to haunt the pair of you that much longer.

  • Amazing irony. Both me AND my best friend from high school had exactly the same thing happen to us while we were in school. We got it from different older guys we had s** with just for fun and without our boyfriends or knowing about it until we both turned up with "H" within three weeks of one another. She told her parents but I never did, but the whole thing was traumatic and it has obviously affected the way we have lived our lives since then and it will forever. We found out later that both of the guys knew they had it and they didn't tell us and we wanted to get back at them in the worst way but what do you to somebody who ruins your life? Reinfect them?

    But here's what makes me even madder now, even FOUR whole years later. The media and the culture glorifies the act of extramarital s** and even premarital s** and makes a joke of "safe s**" and never talks about herpes. I'm no prude, I love s** way more than anybody, but the approach is just so wrong. And they never say that you can EASILY get herpes even if you use protection. That's what happened to both me and my girlfriend.

    Okay, enough ranting for one day, huh? I'm out.

  • Note to self: always use condoms! Sorry about that and I hope the b****** who gave it to you doesn't keep spreading it!

  • I have a similar story...I have regretted it too.

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