I am a 32 year old guy and have just

I am a 32 year old guy and have just been with one woman till date. I have huge inferiority complex wherein I am convinced that my tool is not good enough. I am just about 6 inch long and 5 inch round. I see and read stuff where these guys are 8+ in length and who can pump in the whole day... I am under constant fear that I would be aughed at once I put my pants down..... I can only last 45 minutes of pumping and thats all... I think I need help but dont have the courage to go to a counsellor.... I am a fairly good looking guy but when people ask why me the reason why I am still single... i just reply saying 'we just broke off'... what a looser!!

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  • Dude, s** only lasts like 5-10 minutes at most, not counting foreplay. Much longer than that and it would get boring and probably start to hurt! It's great that you have the stamina to go for 45 minutes but... owwie! Personally your bits sound completely normal and fine. Don't obsess about it. Just chillax. When the moment comes [lol] I feel quite sure that it will suffice for your partner.

  • I have 8 inches and I can gor for 2 hours which is usually longer than most women like it, they say its painful.my problem is that I have difficulty in c****** and when I do that's it for me for the night.I'm sure ill be called a liar but its true

  • I am a woman, and if you were f***** me for 45 mins I would be like, damn hurry up and c** already!

  • thats so ho tid f*** you

  • Can you really go for 45 minutes? Maybe you're telling the truth but I find that hard to believe personally. In p*** scenes, they go about 15-20 minutes fast and furious. I range from 5-25 minutes, and even then I'm pretty impressed with myself when I go 25 minutes. D***-wise, I'm around 6 inches too and with my pumping, my woman seems satisfied. You're doing good, buddy, if what you say is true.

  • Mate, you ARE normal or even bigger than most.

  • This aint confession this is a health segment forum blog s***

  • It's not the size, it's how you use it. A big p**** is not required to satisfy a woman. If you know how to hit the right spots, let me tell you, 6 inch + 45 min out to be more than enough!

    Yum, yum

  • .I had multiple o****** and nearly fainted without intercourse!!!!! an average v***** canal l allows only 6 inches unless you have a tilted uterus but what percentage of women have that problem let me tell you not many.You are normal .plus what ever happend to your hands,fingers,mouth???hmm...think about that be nice to your self your deserve it...

  • I believe the average for normal s** is about 35 minutes. But intercourse usually is around 20 minutes of less of that. Unless its a purposeful s** session, why put off o***** that long? You're both there for a reason so what are you trying to prove?

    Your p**** is a shade above normal. Many MANY other guys would envy you.

  • definitivamente eres normal como muchos , no te preocupes , mientras lo sepas usar

  • Thanks guys... that was comforting...

  • You're perfectly normal. The stuff you see and read about is mainly exaggerated. There actually have been studies on p**** size, so you can look them up for confirmation.

  • You are the same size as the most of us. stop worring. Thoses guys that have the big ones are few and far between. 45 minutes of pumping is good too.

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