I am 13

I have a 3.8 inch d*** is that small

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I would love to suck it

  • ------------> i wish i knew you i take care of your small little d*** do you shaved your d*** & b**** i bet you do and it look like a 10yo boys d*** that what i like a man with a boys looking d*** THAT HOT I SUCK IT....... F*CK ME ALL NIGHT LONG ....love little d****

  • God man I agree I love f****** little boys

  • I hope you plan on growing up gay because women will laugh at you!

  • Oh please, f*** are even bigger size queens than women are, and are even bitchier about it. Go check out datalounge for just a taste of what I mean!

  • It's all a matter of perspective. According to Stephen Hawking, at the beginning of the universe everything in existence occupied a space smaller than an atom. So at THAT time, your d*** would have been bigger than the entire universe. You're just out of synch a little from a time perspective.

  • It is if you are over 12 or 13...

  • yes. very small.

  • Not if you have s** with smurfs

  • duh?

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