My gay Peeping Tom experience

I used to live with my great-grandmother as I was paying off some bills before getting another apartment. On my nights off I would sleep in the living room on the fold out couch bed and slept nude. During the summer the swamp cooler would have us open the window and I woke up one night with a middle aged guy looking through the window masturbating. I was laying on my stomach so I knew he was liking my ass so I smiled and slowly went up and down rubbing my 6 inch d*** against the sheets. He then groaned and thanked me and he zipped up and was gone. I got up and went outside and seen where he squirted and I licked it off the wall.

Sometime later I got this guys phone number off the restroom wall at this park . I called this guy at 1am and we talked and he was sort of in the same situation I was in. While we talked the “Peeping Tom” showed up and I took the phone from the chair to the bed (glad there was a long phone cord) this was before cell phones. So I told this guy on the phone my past sexual while playing with my erect 6 inch d*** and the guy on the phone was h**** and so was “Peeping Tom” and he squirted first and left. I then got the phone guy off. Before hanging up I gave him my address and made a date to meet. I will share that soon.

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