My boyfriend thinks I'm cheating on him

My bf thinks im cheating on him with these guys I like to hang with and everytime I tell him I'm just hanging with them he get annoyed and then the get uncomfortable and have to leave. So why is he thinking that and what do I have to do to have him not think that. And if I have to quit hanging with my guy friends to do it I'm not cool with that. So if I have to stop hanging with my guy friends then s**** him.

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  • Your boyfriend sounds very insecure. He needs to relax. If he can't, you need a more secure guy.

  • F****** dumb b****. Know wonder u don't know what to do.

  • This is a common problem I would think. Trust is very important in a relationship. Reputation is a huge issue when you are young and no guy likes to be thought of as a punk. However, if you have never given him reason not to trust you ( have you? Be honest) then its not your problem

    You see the responses though. It's very emotional. I mean ,"f*** off s***"? Unless that guy actually knows you and knows for a fact you are not just ,"hanging" with these friends but f****** them. Then he's just someone who has been betrayed in someway and is lashing out at you for it.

    Maybe your boyfriend gave some other girl his trust and said, " yea sure that's cool go hang out with your friends" then she actually did f*** them and betray his trust. Now he is scarred from that and you are paying for it. Not fair but understandable. He has to get his mind right.

    Now if you ARE f****** them and being all innocent about it
    That is wrong and you need to check yourself and treat people with respect. F*** who you want to, it's your life but don't play with people's emotions.

  • Yu are a chod your bf deserves better and also im a dude so shut up s***

  • youre immature what would you feel if your bf was hanging out with a bunch of females i bet you wouldnt like it

  • f*** off, s***! your bf deserves better than the sloppy seconds you have to offer

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