Revenge >:D

Dear Eric

Your a f****** ass hole! By the way, You know those chips you ate? I stuck the up my v*****! Ahahah! And I have herpes! Your a stupid c*** and also, You know your new girlfriend? She use to be a prostitute! Ahaha! I don't think she's told you about her three kids yet! You know that photo of use having s** that you sent me? I sent it to your Mom! Also, you know my pasta? The sauce is made from period blood b****! Ahahah xD


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  • Go back c ur dr say tablets not workn

  • Hahaha what in god's f*** is this

  • Oh god... What the H*** did I juat read?!?! Lady u truly are a f****** crazy b****... and I respect and edmire u for rhat...

  • Dear Isabell,

    You are still boring.



  • I agree. And i think you have issues.

  • oh GOD!

  • pardon me while step away from the computer and run to the bathroom to vomit...............

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