I confess...

I'm currently in a relationship with someone that makes me very happy. We have fun together, and we do stupid things and trust me its a good relationship. We work every problem out immediately, so to be honest we have literally no problems. Until recently, when the only thing that seems to be on my mind is, my best friend. I'd love to say that its just something simple, and I can forget about it, but its not. I'm with him almost every day, and when i'm not I miss him. When he smiles, It literally takes my breath away. When he laughs, my heart races. And on the rare occasion that he hugs me, I swear that just for one moment time freezes. It sounds unreal, and crazy, and yes horrible because i'm in a relationship. I'd never cheat on someone, and trust me this is making me sick enough, so telling me how wrong it is won't do anything. I just need to know what to do. what to say, if anything. I can't hurt my boyfriend, because he's a great guy. But, I can't be without my best friend. My life is unbalanced without him. But here's the twist, in my opinion, my best friend is 100% out of my league. He's handsome, inspiring, talented, and has the perfect taste in music. It's like he's the guy I've always wanted, but he was brought to me when I can't have him, and when I'm not good enough to get him.

Aug 6, 2012

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  • You will always see someone better than others.. You should learn to love what you got.. Do not look for other options. What will you do Just in case if you find some one better that your best friend? Carve for that person?

  • You need to get as far as possible from your best friend or you and your boyfriend will hit an impasse.

  • What if she can't possibly be away from her friend?

  • get real

  • it is.. not fair to your boyfriend. This sounds like the typical and classical moral preach everyone gets from Disney, but you should tell your boyfriend. I would want to know if my
    girlfriend was in love with her best friend.

    HOWEVER: these feelings can appear for everyone, even people in relationships. It sounds like you have a healthy relationship with your boyfriend, so be patient. Your feelings for your best friend might just go away, and if they do, DO NOT DISRESPECT YOUR CURRENT RELATIONSHIP BY CHEATING!!!

    End it before you decide to do something about your relationship with your friend.

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