Its not my, im not even the victim.

A boy that my parents know is being bullied. I dont think there is anything i can do about it because I Dont know him. he doesnt have a facebook, and i havent seen him lately.

My parents come home after dinner with his parents some days with these terrible stories about how kids smeer p*** in his locker, or CRAZY GLUE his hands together! it makes me sick. They just beat him up for no reason. Hes not ugly, Hes not dumb, and he is like the number one marksman in the country or something like that. he seems like a nice kid.

What should i do? I want to be his friend, someone he can talk to, trust. But my parents dont take me seriously when I say "Give him my email, i want to meet him".

I cant just sit hear and watch them bully him like this. Can i?

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  • You should be his friend and help him stand up to the bully. Were I live a few days ago someone committed suicide from bullying...Don't let it happen to him.

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