2012 presidential election

OK, so let's just come to the agreement that you're voting for the black guy because you're both black and I'm not supposed to think that's racist at all.

I'm voting for the white guy because your black guy sucks and has ruined this country + I guess since you and the other morons think its OK to vote on color I should follow your lead.

Thanks for showing your true colors.

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  • Blacks are the most racist people on the planet. They all voted for Odumbo because he is half a c***. Now they enjoy over 20% unemployment and they are worse off economically than they were 20 years ago but they foo thamps be commin on a regerler bassis.

  • A vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for 8 more years of Obama's policies.

  • ignorance is bliss

  • This is pure ignorance. If you had any enlightenment on what really goes on in the U.S. Government you would not vote at all. As far as President Obama goes... I don't really think it's so much about him being black anymore. It's his charisma, his personality. It makes the sheeple go mad to see an average everyday guy as president. No matter who you vote for, s*** won't change. I'm only 18. I haven't seen very many presidents... But it's the truth.

  • I'm 31 and ive seen my fair share of president and believe me Obama has done his fair share of f****** up this country. You only 18 yrs old and you don't know this yet but you don't know a damn thing at 18. By the time your my age you'll realize how very ignorant you were at that age.

  • Idiot.

  • Just because you call someone else racist doesn't mean you aren't.

  • You're right, I'm just finally waking up and playing the game most blacks have been playing for years. I like to say they've awoken me.

  • Barackolypse Now!

  • They could have dropped napalm on this entire country and it wouldn't have done as much damage.

  • Most white people dont realize that Blacks could care less about your opinion. Everyone gets one vote so use yours the way you wish. I was getting my car inspected the other day and this white guy in his forties asked me what does the black community think of Barack Obama. I said how the f**k do I know, what does the white community think of him???

    I also asked him why did you assume that I am voting for Obama and not Romney. I told him that I voted for Bush twice and that I am retired Air Force which somehow

    Being Black does not make me the spokesman for an entire race of people. Besides Black people didn't make Obama President...white ones did!!!

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