My fantasy...

I fantasize about my online girlfriend all of the time. I imagine us sleeping together, havingn s** for hours, kissing, seeing her get the picture. Every time I go to bed and j*** off I imagine I'm in bed having brilliant s** with her.

But I fantasize aabout other things too. Like being a dragon. Or being a Monster Hunter, like in the video game series. Or being one of the monsters and mating. I just feel so strange.

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  • Go to shadbase .com

  • One day youl find a girl who will f*** your brains out. Im sure there are plenty of freaks out there like you

  • That is y u don't have a real GF lol

  • Actually,I don't have a girlfriend because most girls judge me before they even get to know me.I'm like a f****** white Fat Albert..

  • Is ur name Ethan? And live in Ohio or Utah? And online gf is Emily?

  • Nein.

  • Now I feel bad, but if you don't leave your fantasy world you will always live in a fantasy bubble, never break out, and never have a real life or gf.

  • I don't live in a fantasy world, I live in a metaphorical madhouse.

  • Break free of the shackles of society, be empowered, be unique, be yourself, and you will find someone that loves you for who you are!

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