Hot wife fantasy

I fantasize about my wife having s** with another man.

Jan 19, 2021

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  • This subject gets every 'wannabe' cuckold hot under the collar and guarantees a "Yes, well in MY case..." every time. And there IS no case for most of them. It's all in their head. And nowhere else. They go to sleep dreaming of it, they wake up hoping for it, and if they ever mentioned it to their loving wives they'd be out on their ear.
    Just don't try & sell it as "true', 'cos it ain't.

  • Wife and I did that too; found a guy and we met for coffee at a local restaurant; she had on a short dress no panties. When she went to the toilet I confided he needed to drop his spoon and get a look at her p**sy. He did and liked it. I told her to wait for me outside in the car and let him see more while I paid. She was wide and proud; he was standing outside enjoying the show. We agreed to get together at our home...was great.

  • My wife was against it then I found a posting on Craigslist (when personals were allowed) with a pic of a muscular young black college student including his erection. She sat and looked at that a long time, then said I wonder how that would be. I set it up to meet in a restaurant. They couldn't keep their eyes off each other and she gave me the OK. I picked him up the next Saturday and left them alone all night in the bedroom. They came out the next morning all smiles. The next night she told me all about it and made me so h**** I had a spontaneous e**********.

  • Great idea 💡 Think I will try Craigslist! My wife has always fantasied about being done throughly by a black stud with at least a wide, 10” c***. 👍

  • I love watching my husband of 25 years f*** our neighbor and her 20 year old daughter.

    Best part is licking their p**** clean when he is done

  • That could be true but my girl gets her mouth filled so she swallows but i make sure to kiss her mouth right away.. i like to taste cumm on her lips. so then i can say you taste like a f****** c*** sucker b**** and give her a black eye.. guys like to have a blackeyed b**** be forced to suck it so i black my s**** eyes and then force her to suuck big c***

  • That should be easy if the wife is willing. Lots of men are willing to have s** with another mans wife.


  • Mine did it for me but was very nervous. After the first time it got a bit easier but she wasn't going to do it as much as I wanted. It was great watching while it lasted. I'd keep trying and encouraging at least if she isn't completely negative to the idea

  • Think everyman has that fantasy .iv had it for years . but no one she having it . but she knows how much it turns me on so we roleplay it with masks or wigs and toys and she even admits it can get very exciting for both . and thats as far as she go .so that does me

  • Is she aware? I convinced my wife to do it and it was one of the most erotic things I have ever experienced. Adult beverages help. Talk to her about it. Tell her how much you want it.

  • I have told her about my fantasy. We sometimes role play about it, which is hot in its own way. Right now that's all it is, a fantasy. If given the option I might actually want it to happen in real life, but I'm not sure. The idea of her being filled by another man just turns mr on. I also fantasize about getting her pregnant, me getting her pregnant not the bull, but that might be a different confession.

    I don't mean to call you out, but did you really convince her? Or was this like an online story?

  • I think it was a fantasy of hers that she finally decided to play out.

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