Mean Teacher

I don't even know why I'm posting this it's probably because I just frisking hate my retarded teacher, so today at school was our second day and I'm in math class with mrs king and it's a stupid make your day school and she's really strict but back to the point we each got a bag with like plastic triangles and squares and while she was making sure we had all seven I just put the big ones on top then those ones there and these ones here and she gos "step one you were playing and building with those" and I went to the front of the class and thinking what the crap you told me to make sure I had all the peices so I did and a few min later she walks over and says" do you know why your in step one" and I say "umm, I was playing with the pieces?" and then she says "what else?" so I'm thinking I didn't really do anything wrong so I say "disturbing the class??" and I go back to my seat so point hear I hate my teacher she's really mean and she looks really creepy and crazy when she's trying to look at you.

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  • Tell her you will kick her in the c*** but i might lose my foot

  • Its a******* like her that made me drop out of high school

  • Welcome to my life.

  • C***

  • If you can not act like an adult then you will have to stay sitting on the kiddies table, in other words grow up.

  • Judging from the post they're probably just a kid in the first place and your advice is to "grow up"? Sure, you have a right to voice your opinion, but that doesn't make it any less shittier.

  • If this "just a kid" can handle a keyboard (however poorly), it can learn how to behave itself in public.

    Let me guess, you're one of those "gentle discipline" types?

  • Don't be a j***. If someone feels upset they have every right to vent it. You want to bully some poor kid?

  • True they do have every right I never said anywhere in my comment saying they should or should not vent.
    The world (including this site)is for criticism and voicing different opinions.

  • Don't bother trying to use reason. That's how it is now: if you're not bleating along in time with the rest of the sheep, you're a "bully" or a "troll". Lean into it, you might come to enjoy it like I now do.

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