I hate my life

I'm 12 and I hate my life I just wish to not be even living.. It all started when I was 8 my life just broke apart because my parents started shouting at each other and fighting with each other and I always used to hear them from my room so they got divorced and I was just becoming sad so then I started visiting my dad every Tuesday and he started being nice to me and helping me but at home my mom used to fight with me... At school I didn't have any friends no one wanted to be my friend and everyone hated me they used to beat me up in school and I never actually told them that I was afraid to then I moved to a different school and it was a lot worse kids started to beat me up and swear me and I just came home crying everyday and just said I'm fine I'm fine and I got more sad then when i was 11 I asked my dad if he can buy me a game and he said no that's too expensive
And that game Is s*** and I just goed to my room and cried then I moved to a different school and they didn't swear me or beat me up but I was just lonely all the time I asked my parents if they can help me with my homework and they never did help me with my homework so the teacher used to shout at me for not doing my homework and all the kids laughed it me and I was not understanding good math and it was hard to me and the kids in class used to laugh at me so they put me in a special class called 'small class' which there was 9 kids learning and the teacher used to help us more so we can understand and the kids there was pretty fine they started being my friends but then I'm still and a small class and it's really annoying me because now kids from the other class regular class used to call our class the morons class and it was annoying me and my dad found a girlfriend and she was annoying I hated her because she was trying to have s** with my dad and one day I heard the having s** and that just made me so p***** off then on vacation he took his girlfriend to our vacation and I didn't even have fun.. They always used to go out to restaurants in the night thinking we are stupid and we are asleep.. So in vacation my cousin and aunt came and I was happy and it made me feel better because I talked with my cousin a lot and we shared a lot of stuff an after vacation my dads girlfriend left him and I was like yes finally my dad didn't realise that she was using him so he buys her stuff and to me not :( and now when I'm 12 my dad got a Mac and he is a noob and he installed Skype on it and he dident know that it saves is to application not on desktop so he started shouting at me WHY ARE YOU TOUCHING MY COMPUTER AND DELETING STUFF FROM IT UH??! And I said I dident touch it because I dident really do anything but now my dad changed now I hate my dad because he always go to clubs when I'm "sleeping" and inviting his "girlfriends" to his house which obviously he wants to have s** with them and he thinks I don't even know that also I found condoms under his bed which made me hate my dad even more and I know what is s** cous we have s** Ed in school and my dad now is just like shouting at me always and thinks I'm his slave like I visit him on Tuesday and he asks me to go buy stuff like every f****** time and tells me to wash the dishes and I asked him again if he can buy me a game and he said that game is bullshit and I said fine then I started making money on the Internet and bought the game (Minecraft) from my own money. Now my dad doesn't even listen to me I try to tell him somthing and he says yes,aha,mhmmm,ye and It p***** me off I bought a ps3 from my own money too because my dad doesent wanna buy me anything he says that he doesent have money yeah right he f****** owns a luxury car hire company and now I don't have a working computer I only have my iPad and iPhone and I told my dad I need to do homework on the computer and print it because he has a printer and a working computer and he said no my computer is out of memory and it's 240 GB and he just doesn't wanna give me a single thing and in the last week my dad shouted at me next to his friend like his friend doesent exist and I just hate my live I don't worth living plus at school I learn things that I already know in the small class and I just had enough of it I just can't keep going on life I don't really have friends and all the girls hate me. In school they don't even invite me to a party and others they do and it just makes me sad they act like I dont even exist anymore I just want to kill myself

Apr 8, 2012

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  • Stay strong. If you're feeling depressed or suidical what's important is that you talk to someone. There's lots of people who can help such as counsellors you could get in touch with through your school or doctors, or through childline (www.childline.org.uk). There are a few people you can talk to - if you're in the US try http://www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org/ (or call 1-800-273-8255), or in the UK there's the Samaritans at http://www.samaritans.org/ or Papyrus (which is a charity set up for young people) at http://www.papyrus-uk.org/more/hopelineuk. Some of them you can text or email if you'd rather not talk.

  • You know what just don't trip try hard in school go to your schools office and request to be put in regular classes if you can make money to buy your own stuff then you can learn how to use that stuff resoucefully to do your home work then when your in highschool try even better than now go to college graduate get a kick ass job make money and if they ask you to help them with anything tell them f*** you that they never cared or they would have put your feelings into consideration

  • Quit being such a baby. I was homeless with my mom and ate nothing but white rice until i was 7 years old, never even had a dad until i was a teenager, my families always been poor and couldnt afford video games, and not getting a video game is not the end of the world by the way go play with rocks and sticks, thats what i did when i was young, my mom was selfish and never even took care of me and she was also addicted to meth, i moved out of my moms house and was on my own when i was 15. Got addicted to meth and alcohol when i was 16. My brother, who was my best friend in the world, the only person who really ever cared about me killed himself when i was 16. I have almost died 3 times. I am now 18 years old and my life is JUST starting to go well. And i still have bigger issues than you could imagine. Im 18 and homeless, unemployed, i just had a baby. You dont know what its really like to have a terrible time growing up, so quit b******* and just be a kid. And by the way. Your dad is an adult and can have as much s** as he wants with whomever he wants. S** is not bad, its healthy and everyone does it, so your reason for hating him for that is beyond me

  • Find someone to talk to. You don't hate your dad, you just hate the way he is acting. You have a lot of anger, hurt and pain inside. Don't ever think of killing yourself. That is never the answer. Find an outlet for your pain. If you can't talk to a counselor or someone at school than keep a journal and let out your feelings there. Good luck.

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