Play with myself in class

I can't believe I'm saying this, but yeah, ok... I'm in 7th grade and I play with my p**** in class sometimes. I keep my backpack on my lap and hide my hand. There are a couple boys in my class that are hot af. My teacher is also fine.

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  • I will finger f*** you p**** baby girl

  • Y'all are all lying trolls who get off on thinking about kids touching themselves.
    Please have a reckless weekend and increase your chances of accidental death. Pretty please.

  • I dont even care what you say couse im actualy who i say i am so get f*** over it looser

  • I'm a boy also in fifth grade and love playing with my willy in class's and anywhere else. I can't wait till I grow hair.

  • Naughtie girl and if i was your daddy. i would smack you bare bottom red raw sweetie.....

  • Im a girl also in 5th grade and do the same. i was cought was when i was in 4th grade by my teacher. he told my mom and dad and i got in serious trouble. they are way strict and i got a major spanking off them bought and grounded like forvever. i cant stop doing it though xxx

  • Hoe you still play with your p**** find Moms viberator use it

  • Hi hugs xxxx

  • I can hide under your desk to deliver that pleasure for all day and eat the c** if any

  • He there hugs xxx

  • I am a pedo waiting for my next victim

  • Share information plarase1

  • Ha ha hugs xxxx

  • Ha and how old are you hug xxx

  • Don't worry, if you get caught they'll just smack you on the hand. Now if you were a boy and got caught yanking it, you'd have to register as a s** offender for the rest of your life and be labeled a s** addict.

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