i'm totally addicted to the internet. i

i'm totally addicted to the internet. i know that sounds weird, like "just stop" but i feel anxious if i don't have it. ever since puberty i've had it in my life, and because i was really depressed, it became like...my best friend. that sounds so lame to say, but i created all of these friendships. naturally none of them survived, but i still stay on the internet constantly, and i have a whole group of internet friends. i don't have any friends now, which sucks, because i live in a new country. i was able to quit smoking pot, i started exercising, i did all of this great stuff but i'm still addicted to the internet. it really interferes with my life. i feel depressed as h*** sometimes thinking about all the years that i spent inside. the weird part is that i'm a legitimately hot girl - i mean, i've had plenty of s** partners, but i met those off the net too. how sad is that? i am so dissatisfied with my life but i live in a small suburban town and i don't have a car and i don't really know anybody. i don't like to party, i just like to stay inside and watch tv. everybody here hangs out in the mall in town and that's just soooo depressing. my life sucks because i'm addicted to the internet, and that is such a lame addiction.

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  • Oh my God, this couldd have been my confession.

  • LOL There is a new study out saying that is possible to get addicted to the internet! It is just as serious as being addicted to s**, p***, shopping, or eating. It is a compulsive behavior. Anything you could ever want to know is available online. . .it is endless. I went out of my mind when my internet got shut off for like a week!

  • Me too.

  • I dont think it's lame, look at all of us...logining on to read about other peoples secrets.
    you need to realise, and this will come with age that in life its hard to find things that are reliable.
    so if you have found something in your life that is reliable and makes you happy then my advice is to stick with it.
    Rather than being ashamed you should look into studying I.T or something, if your good, you can make a lot of money through it.
    I bet if yopu were making over 100 K a year for working with computer than you wouldn't be depressed :)

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