I'm so hairy..

Yes I'm a girl, a so hairy one! I have hair everywhere on my body, in my foot, a little on my hands and even on my face, this later is what embarrases me more and more.. I have a very frizzy hair.. I always take care of my hair and try to do some cute hair cute, and I just try to make my body look clean.. But I still feel the lack of femininity because all of the above is just my real stuffs! Whatever I do, I always say that I'm hairy, that's my reality ..I have a beautifull face yea! Every body tells me that, but only when I make it clean of the hair and when I make some cute hair style.. But my reality SUCKS! I wanna be just like other girls! I'm crying right now..

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  • Oh, I feel your pain! I got my hairiness from my dad's side and it's always been one of my biggest insecurities! I love that I have long thick hair on my head, but everywhere else is a problem, especially my face, back, and arms. I feel uncomfortable around boys especially if our arms touch or if they look me straight in the face.
    However, I've learned that most people really don't give a crap about your hair. As long as you're groomed---meaning your hair is clean and at a reasonable length---clean, and well-mannered, they hardly ever notice.
    If it truly does bother you, and you find yourself wanting to get rid of or control it, I seriously recommend going on birth control! My facial hair decreased a lot when I was on the pill, and was even thinner. Whatever you decided to do, do it because it's for you, not because of anyone else's dumb jokes or insults. :)

  • I know how you feel :(

  • Don't change & don't worry. most guys like it. i do. stay hairy & beautiful!

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