My 14 year old body controls me.

I hate the things my body makes me do. I'm a guy and my body makes me wanna m*********, have s** ALL the time. It makes me wanna find out how to touch girls b****** without them noticing and my ways work. I wish I could satisfy myself but I just can't. I have never had a gf ( sad I know) and because if that I'm always lonely. I hate it. Can someone help me.

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  • Aww!dont worry dude, you 're not the only person in the world who's never a relationship! take me for example, im a 14y year old girl, 5ft tall, with caramel golden pixie cut hair and a cute face. Yet ive never dated anyone before... ive not even had my first kiss... its very lonely indeed... It sucks when everyone else around you has a gf or a bf and you're the only one alone... i know how you feel

  • (This is coming from a 14 year old female)

    1) find an girl. Make sure she's a little ugly. A pretty popular girl probably has guys all over her.

    2) Spend time with her. Hang out during lunch, treat her like a lady, act like a gentleman. Hug her often, make physical contact with her often (no innapro-pro... yet.)

    3)After about 1-2 weeks, when talking, make a small dirty remark. Nothing too much. If she say's she got an A or something on a test, just say something like, "I thought you were a B cup!" Do something like this every day or so. She will go insane. Instant panty-wetter. after another week or so, brush her b*** casually (but make it so she notices), look her in the eye, but don't say sorry. Don't say anything. Just look her in the eye, and then continue the conversation.

    4) Find out if your parents are going to be out of town any time soon, or see if there's some time you can be alone with her. If so, ask her if she wants to come over. NOTE: If she says her parents are gonna be out of town, ask if you can come over. She wants you.

    5) If you two end up doing the deed, use a condom, and use all your might to hold back if she wants to put it in slow. If you clench your eyes shut and make it seem like you're trying SOO hard not to thrust your c*** in and f*** her brains out.

    Enjoy ;D

  • Ask Jesus into your life.

  • One word: Fleshlight

  • I'd be amazed if any 14yr old could secretly buy and use a Fleshlight.

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