Gay Addiction

I've been in and out of various relationships, some involving s**, others not so much.

When I had s** with an earlier girlfriend, she poked around my a******, and it honestly felt really good. A bit too good. She left for vacation later that week. I had to figure something out. I called up a gay friend and invited him over. I seduced him and we had s**, only so I could see what it was like. And it was much better.

Since then, every time she had left for a long enough time, I would bring a guy back to my house and have s** with him. I thought it didn't mean anything, but I eventually learned that I was addicted to having s** with other men.

My girlfriend realized this recently, and I'm not sure how she took it. We're still together, or so she says, but she hasn't said much other than that when I talk to her about it.

Needless to say, I'm confused.

Sep 4, 2012

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  • She is still with you so that says something. In the end it isn't fair to her if you decide to keep going to other men. You should confront her with this and see if she really is into sharing you with men.

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