We need to do something now to stop the muslims taking over our countries in europe. Another 40 years and the muslim flag will be flying over Buckingham palace. They're breeding like rats and everybody panders to their every whim. Do something now before it's too late!

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  • I know a scientist who used to be an atheist. his experience as a passenger in an airplane changed him. The pilot had given up, they had circled and almost exhausted the gas and were five minutes from crashing. The landing gear was not responding. All the while, the "religious people" were praying. He noted that Christians were more confident in their prayers to Jesus and overtime, even the other religious folks joined them in calling "Jesus, savior, save us" etc. last three minutes, the gear was out without the crew's manipulation and they landed safely. He began reading the New Testament from that day! He only wanted to know about Jesus. He read it in his phone (copy is online). Yet to attend church and folks do not know about him as a Church person. For years, he had wanted to quit drinking and smoking which had cost him friends and jobs; had even attended therapies. Said he figured that if Jesus could do all the miracles he read about and what happened in the plane that day, he could do that. And did he do it? Yes, he did! For two years he's been free.

  • Let's send the muslims all to the sahara desert and leave them there. Action needs to be taken. Look at The IS terror group... it's only going to get worse. It will be us against the muslims... they're already breading with 10 kids a family. They already have advantage

  • Hmm, I think that was tried before with the lost tribes and look what b***** happened. They came back.

  • Yes Muslims a day will come when all world will be Muslim may be you or if you pass away your children or their or their or their children but dont scare Muslim not against any religion as Muslim law teach to love humen being and try to stop them who are going in (H***)fire when all world will be finished and the day of judgement will come and every one will be answered what they did in the world either in a way of right or long.
    If Muslim are breading children they do under the law not like dogs or pig who does not know who is his father .

    Become Muslim and save your self from the extreme end of life and save your self from evil who want to bring you h*** .

  • Why not just focus on your work/business and family. Don't stress yourself or lets not stress ourselves about what or why others are growing in a good way or bad. Let's mind our own business. And live a happy life with our family.
    Lets not forget this: Everything happens for reason. Everything was already planned before we were born.

    Maybe Muslim was the only religion before and Christians are trying to multiply. or maybe the other way around. We all are here to work, use our talents, get the success, give happiness and be happy and finally go to heaven or h*** depends upon our deeds.

  • When its colour it's racism, when it's animals it's cruelty, when it's woman, it's gender inequality, when it's disabled it's discrimination, when it's ethnicity it's xenophobia, I could go on and on. Point is no religion teaches violence, in retrospect, all including Islam preaches peace. But reality bites, sum1 insults ur mom sister, father child etc u are going to defend that. So put of respect you don't slander people's loved ones. What would u think wud happen when u insult sum1 whom entire millions hold dear, love and revere? That people forget and go on with their lives? I'm not condoning killing of innocents, but it angers me when people for no reason other than pure, hatred, pure evil, incitement of violence being main purpose, to cause hurt wud make fun of a man whom I love, respect and strive to aspire through daily actions make a stupid movie. Why wouldn't people just leave all religions to practice as they wish? Without prejudice?

  • I'd rather have the muslims taking over countries in europe, than you f****** brits taking over the world. Are you mad that someone else has the urge to build an empire, and it's not you for once?

  • F*** you muzzie lover. Go rot in h*** with those mudslime bastards!!!!!!


  • You could always kill yourself, that way there would be one less fucktard on the planet, plus oblivion will have much fewer ragheads and sand n****** for you too worry about.

  • Haha like that. Not gonna kill myself though.

  • Hate when people say we should do something about it .., why don't you do something about it puscy.. Don't wait for someone to start the movement ... .. Internet cowards complaining but won't step up to the plate .. That's why u won't ever ever get any real respect

  • Thats what i'm trying to do START THE MOVEMENT you f****** arsehole.

  • Actually the world need to stand up to Islam and its persecution and violence against religious minorities like it did against Aparthied. Or else it will never change and may get worse. We really need to stop pandering to Islam.

  • Islam is not the problem,it is those who misrepresent Islam that give all muslim's a bad name(which is the word terrorest).yes islam has some bad law's that do not belong.Heck,even i don't like islam.but it is not the problem of the is the problem of the middleeast.the word human is just a word to the Muslim' be a must never stop being a muslim(until the day you die).Evil is on both side's.Which is the western world.and the rise-ing world of Muslim's.But as long as good is on the side of 90 percent of all Muslim's.All good kind hearted muslim's will defend alway's defend the good infidel's,who do not deserve to die.Jihad should never be misused.Jihad is against the Evil of the 10 percent of Muslim's.the west is powerles against the 90 percent of Muslim's.

  • The human race as a whole was hardly nature's finest hour, so no need to pick on the Muslims. As a general rule, people just put it bluntly.

  • That's what the ancients and the indigenous people said when your a**** came to conquer them. Sorry the world doesn't belong to you! Learn a little bit about colonization and about other people's religion and culture before you make assertions that they are "breeding like rats."

  • Learnt a lot these past few days. LIBYA TUNISIA IRAQ IRAN EGYPT YEMEN SOMALIA AUSTRALIA and their at it all the f****** time in ENGLAND. Need i say more over a low budget video.

  • Okay, let's try this: "they are breeding like filthy, disgusting roaches". Does that feel better to you?

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