Even though I'm a tom-boy....I love

Even though I'm a tom-boy....I love having my period!!! I think it's fun and entertaining.I love shopping for all the products,and buying the colourful packages of pads,with their retarded flowery patterns.I love knowing all the funny stories about my period that no one else knows except me.I hate when girls complain about it,It's really not bad at all.It's fun and amusing if you let it be.

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  • you can have mine if you want it.

  • I love f****** a b**** with her period, the putrid stench of blood on my c*** and the b***** mess it leaves behind is such a turn on...

  • Women suck

  • You guys wouldn't enjoy it if you vomitted due to intense cramps each time you had a it! -__- But good for you I guess.

  • I to like when mine comes along,
    for some strange reason i feel independant,
    I like knowing something that no one else around me knows.

  • Period s** is great too! But I actually enjoy shopping for pads and tampons. When I was younger I would dream of a time when I would have drawers full of period products.

  • I wish I were like you and enjoyed my period. I hate having it. I feel gross and cramps really suck. And I'm always afraid of leakage....grimy.

  • Yeah I hate my period too. I hate the cramps and I hate the nasty smell and I hate how my boyfriend can't go down on me for a few days after because I'm all paranoid that there's blood remnants all up in my coochie. I hate tampons because they stink and I hate stupid s*** like the Keeper because it's a f****** nasty internal septic tank and I hate pads because they're like diapers and you can feel your b***** s***** rubbing against cotton and it's just a nasty feeling. Ughhh it's so gross. I hate the wetness.

  • I don't have s** at all and I hate getting my period. Besides the cramps, bloating, and all the other painful things that come with your period, I hate feeling dirty and wet down there for several days and I'm always freaking out about whether my pad or tampon is leaking. And the blood smells so bad and when it's collected in that tampon or pad it gets filled with all kinds of gross bacteria. Periods are disgusting.

  • you're obviously single. any woman having s** on a regular basis does not enjoy getting her period.

  • um, maybe for you, sweetie.

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