I have a small p**** I want to die

Women always laugh and mock me once I'm undressed. I never make fun of them? Why is it fair to make fun of something I can't change? I want to die.

Aug 28

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  • Wear panties!

  • My p**** is very small - about 1 inch when not erect and under 3 inches when erect. I also look very feminine so my answer is I dress as a woman often and feel much more comfortable doing that as there is not much to conceal and so I can women’s knickers fine. I’m thinking about gay s** as I can’t really penetrate but do like the idea of being stimulated by having my ass f*****.

  • Don't die! Take all sorts. How big is it anyway? Less than 5 inches? 4?

  • There are woman out there who go for that sort of thing, and even more men. Just post an ad on tinder or the gay one saying small d*** fun. You'll get some.

  • Life as a black man has never been easy

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