Want to be cuckolded and humiliated!

I have a secret fantasy of being a sissy cuckold and getting humiliated by a bull that ultimately impregnates my wife. I love the thought of another man's hands roaming her body as I get them ready to have their fun while I watch in my white panties. I would also love to be forced to clean both up after they are done with their fun. We keep meeting until she's pregnant with your baby and even after if you wish. My kik is Billcuck79 if you want to talk about my fantasy.

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  • Hi i love guys who share their wife and if u like to do and talk about her with me send me an email www.rezakolivand021@gmail.com

  • I'm a cuckold who has a virgin fiancée. I'm sure you can figure out how I fantasize about being humiliated.

  • I got the pleasure of being a cuckold once and we both loved it! I even had her call me humiliating names while he was pounding. Now I wear panties slot and want to take this Essay further??

  • Dude I understand where your coming from. I wanted to see my wife get f***** by others and that fantasy has come true over and over. She really got into it. I really get off on it. I am not into cleaning her after her bulls take care of her that's why we have a shower. Currently she only has s** with black men.
    Both she and I would like to see her breed. However her parents could have issue with that. We believe that its important to have grand parents that support the child.
    Maybe if I could find a white guy with a big p**** she would get pregnant by him LOL.

  • Try a little roleplay first. I think she needs reassurance that you really are OK with her f****** other guys and telling you, showing you how much she likes it.

  • Tell your wife. The look in her eyes will humiliate you.

  • I want to f*** your wife and then you as she watches my 8in c*** ramming you pathetic a*** b****

  • F*** my virgin fiancée too

  • Would you f*** me in front of my wife so she knows how much of a sissy I am and then you can f*** her whoever you want? Even after you get get pregnant.

  • Oh yes, when and where. I wonk w*** for days so the condom is full, I will empty it onto your wife's t*** and you cane lick it off, as your wife sucks me hard again so I can f*** her. When I have finished with her, you will lick her c*** clean and then suck my c*** and if you don't get me hard, I will spank the a*** off you b****

  • She she is heavily pregnant l will make you milk her so I can drink her milk. Then f*** you as you lick her c***

  • ILL help you out man

  • Help me out, too, with my virgin fiancée.

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