I've been cheated on. couple of times.

I just learned that my husband, who was my lover for 12 years and my husband now for 2 years, cheated on me with 3 different women, more than once with them all. He also had not-so-deep sexual relationships with tens of other women, he says, where he cannot even remember their names. His last relationship was only emotional, he says, that they only kissed once and he realized this was going just like the others so he quit it immediately.

I am not living since I heard him confess. I am dead. My whole life is a lie. And I am considering suicide, as death is probably easier than living right now.

I am not officially a cheated woman..
I am just like others..

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  • Suicide is not the answer, get yourself back in shape, go out have fun on his experience, please let us know how this turns out?

  • So sorry I am a married man and I have gone through the same thing it is so hard but stay strong and learn to forgive even if you spit up you will need to forgive or it will eat you up . Forgiving will ease your pain. Trust me on this, this will give you your life back.

  • You don't have to suffer by the faults of your husband!

    I don't think you should think like "I'm just like the others". You are someone wonderful, who your current husband didn't learn to fully value.

    If I would be with a person who doesn't know how much am I worth, I would move on him too.

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