It'll never Happen

I was having an affair with a man thats 10 years older than i am. My mom still thinks im a virgin but ive done everything with that man! he is the only one i feel comfortable with and the only one i took down the wall from around my heart for! But i can never have him because he belongs to someone else! AND he is from a totally different culture! I cry for him alot! i try to tell myself that i'll get over him! i told him to leave me alone about 4 times! its stupid because i dont even see that much of him anymore! I love some one that i'll never have! but like he always says; its better to love and lost, than never to have loved at all!

Sep 16, 2012

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  • No, no, no . . . girl, I know this story because I both lived it and have seen it many, many times (lived it once, have it seen many!). If that man is willing to sleep with you but not give you any commitment, he is being selfish. He does not love you, at all. He is using you to control a situation for himself--he might feel out of control of his own life, his "real" life. One day, I hope you will go to your mom and tell her what has happened. Ask her for her help in getting you away from this man. And then give me his phone number and I will talk to him for you! This makes me sad for you. RUN AWAY FROM HIM!!!!

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