I was to nice

I love my wife, I do, but I don't love love her. I had 2nd and 3rd thoughts about the wedding, but I didn't want to break her heart, because i know how much I meant to her. I wanted to see what else was out there, continue traveling the world, meet new people! I lay in bed every night and think about what life could have been like with someone else. I'll never say anything to her, I'll just keep going down the path I created for myself.

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  • Why not having that exciting life you are dreaming about with her?

  • In addition to my answer below. Trust me, I've travelled all around the world searching for love and happiness, just to realize this: It didn't make any difference to me if I was in England or Brazil, because at the end, all we see when we look around is people interacting with other people. I realized that happiness is not hidden in a far country, it simply consists on spending time with people you love and making each other happy.

  • Don't blame yourself if you don't feel the same passion as you did at the beggining of your relatonship. It's perfectly normal that passion decreases with time and feelings get more stable. She probably feels the same towards you. You may not have realized that this lack of intensity is what gives room for true love and companionship. If you married her, is because you care about her happiness, and that's a big sign of love. Stop worrying too much and keep working on to make each other happy with small daily actions. Everything will be all right.

  • And if you can't be with the one you love
    Honey love the one you're with

  • Sorry to hear. So sad to look back and wonder if things could have been better.

  • Must be very comforting to you, knowing how much you meant to her. Dickwheat.

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