Bedroom life

I have a girlfriend and we have s**. But not enough. I have never cheated and never will. I just want to have s** all the time. I love f******.

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  • You should talk to her about having an open relationship. It's not cheating if you both agree to the arrangement.

  • OMG! I feel the exact same way, but I'm girl. I love my boyfriend.. and I would never hurt him... but my s**-drive is a bit out of

  • One thing i always do when she is not feeling it...

    I pin her against the wall, ass facing me. Left hand locks around her neck, right hand rips whatever she's wearing off. Slide my d*** in there so hard, if it's too dry I spit on my c***. Then i just thrust her till shes wet then i make sweet love to her on my bed.

  • Sounds like you need to start thinking up better ways to get your old lady wet, broski. step up to the plate

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