My Girlfriends Daughter

That I had s** with my girlfriend’s daughter, she was 23 then. Her mom accused me about 15 times before I thought about doing her daughter. I started kidding with her about s** and I know she would not do it unless her mom or her then boyfriend gave her a reason to have s** with me. She is a sexy black women and I do love her and long to make love with her. One day my friends daughter ask me to take her to the motel so we could F**k. After that day I found out her mom smacked her around telling her she was F**KING me. She did after that and we been doing it for 10 years now. She been hooking up with me with all of her boyfriend none of them expected she ever do a white guy. I wish she made me her boyfriend she has had 5 bad boyfriends all drunks and they sponge off her.

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  • It should not make a difference but when i made my confession, forgot to say that i am half English and Egyptian.

  • I have only one question maybe two, why some white people think are better than black people? "There is no way I will let him make love to me while knowing he has made love to a black person".are you ok to proudly saying that on here? you hate black people but don't make others to hate them as well because you did not create them . a human is a human no matter race. one day you will need them if you have not already.

  • You're f****** disgusting.
    Races are not meant to mix.
    I was engaged to a man about a year ago and we had broken up, and in the 2 months we were apart he started f****** a black girl.
    Well then he wanted me back and I knew about the sexual relations he had had.
    I almost threw up on his shoes.
    Fact is I love that man, very much. But I wasnt aware he was into other races. There is no way I will let him make love to me while knowing he has made love to a black person.
    Thank god I held off.

  • I'm not condoning doing it, but the race thing is all wrong. I am married to a Middle Easterner and I know blacks and whites, Chinese and Mexicans, who have all mixed and have happy successful lives!

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