cheated on bf

i cheated on my boyfriend of 7 months (who i love, i think)a few days ago while drunk. i don't blame it on the alcohol. i knew what i was doing. i've been trying to confess to him over the phone but every time i prepare to break the news, he says something sweet like i love you or i miss you. so like a coward i could never tell him. today my boyfriend informed me that he cannot be happy without me and that he wants to spend forever with me. i dont know what to do with myself. im officially the worst gf ever.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • In your story I read that you are really learned a lot from this.. It hurts you.. If you love your bf don't tell him. Decide to stay with him (if that is what you want) and don't do it again.
    Everyone makes mistakes.. And what is a one-off cheating compared to a lifetime of being nice to someone...
    Good luck and happiness. GM

  • ^ Not an oxymoron, dumbass. Read about polyamory.

  • Never tell him if you plan on staying with him, and if you don't plan that, never tell him either. Get it? Never tell him. Don't cheat anymore either, if you do then you offically become a slutty w**** instead of the worst gf ever which you aren't so far.

  • ^wtf...... Are you Dog say Cat person?

  • He desevers to know, perhaps show him the man in the moon as he may blind to the truth and hurt at his expence.

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