Teacher fantasy

Soo I'm a junior in highschool..
I get straight A's, and am straightedge and all that bullshit..
But there's this thing about me..I've always fantasized about having sexual relations with a male teacher.
And this year, I have the perfect male teacher.
He's young, and hot.
And mean.
He absolutely hates me, either I talk too much or don't pay attention (it's Algebra II, who does?)
When he yells at me I get turned on.
He's seems so dominant, I love it.
Sometimes I do things just to p*** him off.
He's married, and I wonder what it would be like to be his wife and come home to him every night.
He really seems like the type with a temper, and I bet he's crazy in the bedroom.
He's the perfect height too, for me.
I wish I could stay after class and talk to him one on one.
I'd never make a move, especially since he's got a ring on. But i want to be close to him.
Wow, if only!!!

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  • If he gets a smell of your c*** he will be addicted

  • Omg I kinda feel the same way

  • Me too

  • F*** him ..corner him and pull his c*** out and go to town...he wont stop you

  • i bet you could pull it off his wife is probably having an affair any way no one is true anymore. good luck

  • You need to stop what you're doing, before you get in trouble with the law, he married has a family, do you want to break them up, them you both get in trouble with the law, think about yourself.

  • So you sit at the front of the class?? well maybe one you wear a nice little skirt & forget to wear your panties but he happens to find a pair in his desk for him to smell later when hes thinking of you,then then your fingers just happen to be gently massaging your wet p**** for him to see. If he doesn't make you stay after class and bend you over that desk then & there then it's never going to happen!

  • Soo have you tried it yet?

  • No lol and i wont.

  • This is the way to go. go for it!

  • yeah you definately should do this. totaly. let him check out the merchandise and even smell it and he will c** running.

  • I actually teach political science and there's a girl in my senior-level course this semester who I likely give a hard time to, and a part of the reason for my doing so is that I'm painfully attracted to her. She's no beauty, nor a cheerleader, nor especially hot, nor possessed of the attributes that would normally make a male teacher totally lose his mind over a female student, but there's just something about her that drives me over the edge with desire. I fantasize about her all the time, and my wife has no idea I even think about another woman, much less one of my students. I probably am harder on her than my other students, and I think it's fear that, if I'm easy on her, my inappropriate feelings will become apparent to her and to everybody else. My greatest fantasy is that SHE will come on to ME, or just make it clear that my advances won't be rebuffed, and then we could have an affair. And the affair, in my fantasies, quickly leads to her moving in with me (and moving my wife and child OUT) and then to marrying me. When I think of that scenario playing out, I always ALWAYS m********* like crazy, imagining being with her and even having children with her. I'm telling you this because it seems possible that your teacher is having those same feelings for YOU, and masking them with what seems like meanness. Just food for thought.

  • Damn....why can't YOU be my teacher??!!?

  • See, if the girl in my class would show the kind of interest or willingness that YOU show, without actually even saying she's interested or willing, even once, even a little bit, then I would be all over her. All it would take is just a slight opening and I would tell her how I feel and let the chips fall where they will. I'm sure this won't make any sense to you, being in your position, but I really do love my wife. I'm glad I married her, and I'm glad we have a child together, and I'm glad we have the life we have together. But honest to m************ God, if this girl from my poli-sci class opened the door to me even a little bit and we became lovers, I would not think twice about leaving my wife and child to be with her. It is not just s**, and it is not just her age (she's over the age of consent, by the way), and it is not just the teacher-student fantasy, and it is not just that she has had a difficult life so far that I could save her from, though all of that is part of it. No, this girl excites me in ways I've never experienced before, and she makes me think of things in ways I've never thought, sexually and otherwise, though the s** thoughts I have about her are so unbelievably hot and so incredibly nasty and so powerfully overwhelming, that my brain nearly explodes every afternoon when she walks into my classroom. I used to walk around the room occasionally when I taught, and I still do in all my other classes, but not the one she's in, and the reason is everything about her is so sexy that I have a giant erection all the time she's in the room (which is not like me at all) and I can't afford to let anyone see that. Obviously, I don't have any way of knowing your professor feels that way about you, but I definitely think it's possible, and it's something you should account for in how you deal with him, as his student and as his potential partner (marital or just sexual). My guess, though, is that he wants you as badly as I want her. And that's BADLY.

  • Hey man, I'm I'm the position of the student in love with the teacher, and if I may ask, have you gotten your student yet? Please excuse me for being so forward

  • Hey hey, do you mind if we talk somewhere else? I think you could give me some advice.
    I got a seperate email, if you want it let me know.
    Oh, and he moved everyone around again and now i set two desks away from him, further than before.
    Anddd he got p***** at me again today but when he saw me helping someone else he softened a bit.
    Im so confused.
    If he singled just me out it'd be different but im pretry sure hes a d*** to everyone.

  • I still think your like the hottest girl on this site and i hope by now youve goten your guy and are enjoying him.

  • Lol thanks and no, i havent. However the other day he was moving people around and caught me talking about told me to move to the front of the class. And when i got up there i said Mr. ______, is it true that your favorite students sit at the front of the class? And he gave me a very annoyed look and said "no. That is not true in any way" LOLOLOL

  • it is so obvious............he wants you closer to him.

  • *and* not about

  • Another possibility to consider is to start dating one of the other male teachers in your school. Once your guy finds out about it, he'll see you in a new light, and he'll start thinking of you as a sexual creature (which he may or may not be doing now), and he'll consider you as an object of physical desire -- and satisfaction (if you're good to the other teacher, of course) -- and then he'll be more interested and approachable. If you do this, be sure you're SUPER sexy with the other guy, so that it's clear you're open to ANYTHING sexual. And then, your guy will come panting to you and drop at your feet, or at least he'll know he isn't dealing with a child when he talks to you: it'll make hooking up with him a whole lot easier for you. Best wishes.

  • you should totally be flirty and sexy around him before class and after class and go by his room after school and just talk to him. ask him about himself and what he likes about teaching and what he does when hes not teaching. just let him talk to you. no.....MAKE him talk to you so he gets in the habit of seeing you all the time and looks forward to you coming by his room or his office whenever its not class time or school is out. then he will think about you and maybe even start coming to find you at school and if that happens you will totally know that he wants to get with you. once he starts coming after you and the two of you are together a lot that will be the new normal for him and for you. just be around him as much as possible but never ever mention his wife. that way he wont think of his wife when hes with you and he will get the message that you dont care about her. do not do not do not let him think you care about his wife even a little because you dont. make it clear to him that you dont care if a guy you date is married or not. its obvious that he wants you so its just a matter of the two of you being together so that the two of you can GET together get it?

  • Would love to be your professor

  • If he's smart, he'll come on to you, and you won't have to do a thing.

  • Damn girl you are HOT

  • sheesh......just seduce him already. you know you can do it so do it.

  • I don't think I can, haha, seriously.
    And I wouldnt try, because the man is married.
    I dont mess with taken men, you gotta respect a man and his business.

  • Your just being too modest and too timid. you know you can get him you know you want him and if your honest with yourself you know he wants you. you know he wants you because of how he treats you. not because he treats you like s*** ....... even though you LOVE that ......... but because HE PAYS SO MUCH ATTENTION TO YOU. why do you think he does that? its because he wants to get with you. you also know that everybody cheats. everybody. even HE cheats whether or not you know about it and whether or not he admits it. but the bigger problem you have is that if you dont get with him one of your friends totally will. is that what you want? to sit there in his class and know that hes dating and hooking up with one of your friends? if so then just sit there and be all hurt and sad and jealous. if not then get off your precious bum and go get the man you want. its not about respect its never been about respect and it never will be about respect. its about heat and s** and fun. and maybe one day love. its totally up to you.

  • This person's comment is correct and it's the best one. Your guy pays so much attention to you because he wants to hook it up with you. Don't you know that? He probably lays in bed at night wishing he could come get on you. Don't you know that? He probably thinks about you when he's doing his wife. Don't you know that?

  • Damn hot. damn sexy. DAMN!

  • Do NOT let that band on his finger get in your way. Do NOT let his wife get in your way. You should go for it and you should get what you want.

  • I agree with this comment. i dont think you should pay any attention to the ring or the wife. go after him.

  • No, that's too aggressive. You just need to put yourself in a position for him to make the move. But in order for that to happen, you have to be around him as much as possible. Volunteer to help after class, or better yet, after school. Try to be in situations where you're alone with him. Talk to him abuot how much you hate "boys" and how you love "men", particularly strong, overpowering men. Believe me, he'll pick up on how unbelievably hot you are for him and how wet he gets you, and if he realizes that you want to be dominated, he'll be all over you. Don't use the words "dominant" or "submissive", that's too obvious for a man like him. Just talk about how much you love being involved with an older man who's "in total, total, total control of the relationship". And go by his classroom every time you can, even if it's only to wave and smile and blow kisses. Be around him every chance you have and let him do all the work in establishing the sexual connection. By Halloween, you'll be his lover. By Christmas, you'll be his primary slave. And by the end of school, you could be his wife. You have a very bright future with this man, but you need to get to work.

  • No, he takes his job seriously, and would never ever ever do that.
    And I wouldn't either.
    Maybe once I graduate, I'll send him an e-mail.
    Now if he did come on to me, h*** yea.
    But he would never, and that's okay with me, there's plenty more aggressive, dominant 24-34 age(d) men out there, I just gotta find em.

  • do all the guys at your school hit on you? do you only date older guys?

  • I've never been hit on, and yeaa, I only date older guys because they're more dominant and mature, normally.

  • Wow you are sooooo sexy!!!

  • Thankss haha

  • he sounds crazy but you sound crazier. does your head make jingling sounds when you nod?

  • Troll

  • I wish I was your teacher. If I was, I would treat you like s***, embarrass you in front of everyone, drag you up to the front of the class and in front of all your friends, bend you over my desk, pull your skirt up to your waist, drive myself into you, and then pound you over and over and over and over until you came at least six times, and you then confessed to all your classmates that, "I belong to this man: he's my f****** owner." You want dominant? I would dominate you until you p***** yourself. But I'd make you happier than you've ever been in your whole entire life.

  • Wow can we go somewhere private for this convo to carry on :))))

  • Mmm hahah I need that! That's hot! I'd rather it be just us tho, cuz I like getting slapped around a lot, I wouldn't want to scare my classmates hahaa

  • My sweet darling, if that's what you need in order to get where you need to go, then that's exactly what we'd do. You say you want to be slapped around "a lot", but just what does that mean to you? How rough do you want it? I need to know your limits before we begin so that I don't take you too far. And what about in front of the class? How far would you go in front of an audience? How far would you go in front of your parents? There are so many perversions you need to explore.

  • Haha im sorry how old are you,
    And if we continue this conversation, we need to find another places, all I wanted to do was confess a fantasy, not necessarily have a conversation but its fine with me if you wanna talk, you got a yahoo or something?

  • I know who you are too lol
    You go to Denver South?

  • ..maybe..
    LOL who is this??
    That's so strange.

  • I know who you are

  • I'm sure you do.
    Unless you're in CO I doubt it
    But if you do live in CO, lets hook up baby

  • Oh heyyyy lets chat.

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