I regret homosexually experimenting

Presidents' Day 2012 my close friend came over to chill and just play video games. We first started of with drugs, we smoked a joint that I bought and got stoned. Then we played grand theft auto. He took out his iPod and we started watching YouTube videos, then I wanted to show him this weird p*** that I saw so we watches it and then he keep going on and watching it. He asked if he could j******* (I didn't really care because I've jacked off with a couple dudes watching p*** before not gay though) I said yeah sure so he went and did it in the corner and then when he finished her got pizza. After a while of eating an smoking again we went to my room. We played call of duty and then he asked "have you ever got a handjob?" I'm like no and he told me its awesome. So I didn't respond and he took out his d*** and said dude give me one and I'll give you one I don't know what happened to me but I just grabbed it and started jacking him off. He had a huge c*** and it had a curve that felt good in my hand. He came all over my arm and hand then he asked me if I still wanted one and I said no. Then it was super awkward. Later he took it out again and I started sucking it. After a while I sucking he just put it back in his pants and was like "that was weird" I'm like "yup" then he went home. Now we never talk. But sometimes I j******* and think of his hard curvy d*** in my mouth.

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  • Just ask God for mercy and he will be merciful to you and heal your heart of guilt.

    Proverbs 28:13 People who conceal their sins will not prosper, but if they confess and turn from them, they will receive mercy.

  • And guy, learn to read your bible to resist the temptations and evil thoughts.

  • Me and my cousin,used to sleep in the same bed together,i slept with no cloths,he slept with his cloths on.then we fell in love.but we never speak to each other after 12 years.i miss him.we were forced to sleep with each other.it was not our fault we were bi-sexual.I french kissed his big sister.it was awesome.kissing both of them was strange but interesting.

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