Cheated on wife with an older man

I am 22 years old and cheated on my 23 year old wife with a man who I think was 55. I went to his place instead of going to work and stayed for about an hour and a half. He brought me into his room and had me take my clothes off, then began rubbing my shoulders and back. Soon he was rubbing my 6" d*** and had me turn around so he could stroke it. He had me start jerking his, which was 7.5" probably but super thick. When he got hard he laid on his back and I began sucking his big d***. I imagined it tasting nasty or something based on my wife's reactions but it didn't really have a taste. I enjoyed having it in my mouth and really started going fast and starting licking his whole shaft and sucking h****** his mushroom head. He was too old to c** I think so he started sucking mine instead. I didnt feel much of anything but I enjoyed when he stuck his finger into my ass. I imagined I would love feeling his d*** inside of me like I enjoyed his finger but it actually hurt too much and he had to pull out. I continued to suck him, then he laid me on the bed and sucked me and I put my legs on his shoulder while he finger f***** me with his d*** pressing near my hole. I came that way and just got home. To be honest, I think I would rather a d**** and a girl, or at least a bi-threesome, but I enjoyed it as a one-off experience

Jan 19, 2015


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  • I met him on Craig's list the same day that I skipped work. I skipped work intending to do this, spontaneously. I originally contacted a couple other ads, but they fell through because they were flakes, and he was the only one that provided his address. If I did this again, I would look for someone my age with an average d***.

  • This sounds very interesting, especially to somebody who might be bi-curious, but I would be interested in knowing how you met this man, and what induced you to take the day off work to to his home?

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