Hirsute divorced bisexual

I am a 36 year old woman. I was married for 10 years. We got along ok but we almost never had s**. A year before I got divorced I started exploring what turns me on about myself and I started cheating on my husband...a lot. A year and a few months ago I decided to break the gender norm of shaving all body hair off. Now it had been that long since a razor has touched my body. I am deliciously hairy all over. Hairy p****, hairy a******, hairy armpits and hairy legs. It is liberating to be "natural" and you wouldn't believe how many times guys hit on me when they see my hairy pits. So the reason I got divorced was because I had a lesbian 3some at my house and my husband caught me. He didn't like the idea. Oh well too bad for him. I'm not totally lesbian but only because I can't resist a hot guy flirting with me after he sees my hairy body.

Sep 24, 2012

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  • Going to a concert my wife had on a regular dress and as always with no panties. That morning and afternoon of the concert I f***** her and as always she left it wet and dripping down her leg. So right before leaving for the concert she changes into what was called a "T-shirt dress". Basically like a T-shirt it just about covered her ass and hairy p****. Then she bent over and I f***** her. Then she took a pee standing up, Then she went in my desk and got a girlie book and jerked off and squirted on the floor. After she had squirted and right before we left she bent over and I f***** her again, and she was so wet and open I just put it in between her legs and it slipped in easily until I came in her again. Never did she wipe her p**** and then we went to a fast food place as we didn't have time for a restaurant and she was dripping everywhere. At the concert and in the 1st row she opened her legs wide and flashed the musicians. Then on the way home I had to stop on a side street and took her outside of the car, bent her over and shot one more load in her. That was the sluttiest she ever was.

  • I love hairy armpits and big bush especially when i'm completely hairless male.

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