Do guys prefer us hairy or shaved?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Shaved bald is awesome. After you shave rub a litle baby oil on the shaved area to make it nice and soft. And to you uninformed it has nothing to do with looking like a child. It is just so much better to go down on my wife right after she has shaved up nicely. If not shaved bald then trim down real short, so I don't have to pick hair out of my mouth.

  • Just remember to check the quality of the turf before you step onto the playing field...

  • I prefer at least some pubic hair on a lady

  • my boyfriend likes me clean shaven, compleatly. I dont mind that though I dont really like having hair down there :(
    Oh but WAX dear lord WAX dont shave you get a dirty rash.

  • As you can see, it's different for every guy.

    Wait till you have a boyfriend to worry about it, and ask him how he likes it. Plain and simple.

    If you have to move on, hair grows back or can be shaved, so you're good.

  • ^ Pedophile


  • Trimmed and groomed is fine for me. Clean up those pesky hairs around the l**** though. I want clear access with my mouth for that.

  • personally , i like hair, it seems more mature to me , i think a woman that shaves is nice too , but she better be a freak, i do associate it with a pornstar though, I think you should look at yourself as a total being and not as just a p****. My finace doesn't shave , and it doesn't matter really to me, i like lots of hair ....

  • A full blush is too much but please leave something there! Shaves completely or with just a little stripping leaves nothing to the imagination anymore. Younger kids have it all wrong-simply move the pubic hair aside and do your thing

  • #7 It's obvious. Didn't you pay attention in s** ed?

  • #3 How do you know what a 9 year old looks like?

  • make it smooth

  • I like a woman with her p**** shaved and a trim, little bush above. That is hot to me!

  • I like a little "landing strip". Completely bald looks too much like a 9 year old and that's just sick. A real turn off for me.

  • Pornsta shave

  • Opinions differ.
    I prefer it shaven because when I'm munching (and I like that a lot) I don't want hair in my 'food'....
    Consider you licking b****... Would you prefer them hairy or not?

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