Want to watch my wife with her son (and I want him too)

My 24 year old stepson is such a real man, so much more of a man than I am. I want to watch him f****** my wife - his mother.

I would lick his a****** while he did her and then clean his c** out of her and swallow it or share it with my wife.

I think about this every day and when I f*** my wife I imagine that I'm him.

He lives with us and strips down to his boxers as soon as he gets home and I get so excited knowing me and my wife are both looking at this nearly naked young man together.

Sometimes I think about kneeling between his hairy legs and giving him a b******. I would like his entire body.

I think he knows I'm checking him out all the time, and often puts his hands behind his head so he can show off his hairy armpits - showing me that he's the man of the house.

Sep 22, 2017

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  • I would make a move on him when my wife isn't around if I thought he was truly into getting a b****** from me. I would hope that if he did let me suck his c*** that he would get so excited that he would insist on f****** me like the sissy b**** I am. He could spit in my mouth as he stretches and pounds my hole.

  • Wow thats really different. You should make a move on him.

  • But if I'm wrong and he mentions it to his mom/my wife, there would be a shitstorm that may ruin my marriage. I love my wife, but the thought of being used for the sexual pleasure of this young man drives me crazy every day.

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