Numb me

Both of my beloved grandmothers are dying so my entire family is going through s***...

And all I can think about is getting high.

Sep 25, 2012

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  • Sweetheart, getting high will not make the pain go away. It only makes you forget for a little while. The pain and stress are still there when you sober up.
    My brother went through this...
    When my dad was dying, my brother was 900 miles away in a Texas jail because he was caught with 145lbs of pot, trying to cross over from Mexico. My mother had to leave my father's side to drive from Tennessee to Texas to try to bail him out and she got there, and then they said he could not be bailed out. So she wasted many hours while my father lay in his deathbed to try to aid my then-f***** up brother. And now he feels like s*** because he was off getting high while my father died. He didn't even come to the funeral.
    So you need to be with your family, dear. You don't want that guilt riding on you for the rest of your life like my brother. <3

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