OK f****** seriously. I come home, it's 1am and my mom starts with me. She tells me how I don't do s*** around the house(she was particularly talking about today)... that i was lying down all day while she was cleaning. So I answered her.. I washed the dished, i helped unpack(we just got back from Florida) and I went to the store to buy grocerries. What the f***?! I'm going to speak to her in the morning because i feel like I will blow up right now. I'm 18,going into my second year of college. Financial Aid paid for my classes until now. I PAID FOR COLLEGE OUT OF MY OWN POCKET! 800 bucks!!! we just went on vacation and shopping, I contributed 700! I need clothes, I pay for them.. go out? pay myself. Work? Ah duh how do you think I pay for my s***... Been working since I was 14!! Get good grades? How about a 3.9... I need to f****** move out.. but rent is too expensive. FML

Sep 3, 2011

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  • ^ that's fine, but that doesn't excuse her behavior.

    If she wants to be like this, then when you can move out, then do so, but don't speak to her anymore.

    You know, you could find someone renting out an extra bedroom, maybe you could find something like $100 or $200 a month?

  • It's her house,you don't like it "Move out"

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