I seriously hate all the people that post 50 freaking job postings for the same thing that says location "USA" make 1 million dollars in 24 hours or whatever other s*** they spew. It p***** me off.

People are looking for legit jobs and i hate siffting through that crap. Seriously you are wormy pieces of s*** and i hate you. Stop wasting our time.

its so f****** annoying.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • ooh...well dang, that sounds like its more work than its worth. Wel lthanks for answering the ?? :) good luck and hopefully your making a good profit.

  • First poster: I get the apartment thing. Im talking only about the job listings. I totally get the apartment thing, yo umake a good chunk of money. FYI, how DO YOU get into that lol??? I just hate the 50 posts for fake jobs where people ask for all your personal information. People who are trying to scam people. And you make me happy that you at least admit you do spam and agree it should be controlled. Kudos to you.

    2nd poster: they all have spam...and in this job market im checking everywhere. I shouldnt have to worry about whether the person posting the job listing is shady or not so...yeah, eff off.

    #3: oh seriously.....really?? I think my "rant" is way better than the stupid supposed "confessions" of how i just had s** with my daughter. Those are all BS anyway. So i chose to go here to confess that i HATE craigs list spammers. Deal with it. You read a lot of other useless s*** on this site....and now you just read mine. :)

    Thank you have a nice day.

    ~fancy pants

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