My girlfriend's parents are going

My girlfriend's parents are going through a tough time. Two days ago we were together and we recieved a phone call with her little brother screaming and crying, saying that their parents were fighting. So I drove to their house as fast as I could, and dropped her off. The next day, she tells me her dad told her he wants to get a divorce and take the next three days off of work. I try to comfort her and tell her that everything's gonna be okay and that they're not going to get divorced. She felt a little better, but today we just talked on the phone, and now she tells me that her mom has a lot of bruises on her and some cuts. Her little brother told her that they fought while we were driving to their house. She didn't find out until today. So now I feel helpless and I really want to do something to help. What should I do? Thanks.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • theres nothing you can really do,just love here & be there for her.

  • Comment number two I agree with, but the girls father would be better out of the way. Anyone who needs to be violent (regardless of other persons indiscretion. if any) is a waste of skin.

  • Support her, but its not your situation to fix. Stay out of it and keep your opinions to yourself.

  • Just tell her you love her, that she can tell you anything, treat her wonderfully and don't be demanding, give her massages, brush her hair, tell her that she can get away at your house if she needs to. Above all, don't gossip about her.

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