i've been hitting on my wife's mom for

i've been hitting on my wife's mom for about a year now. at one point i bluntly stated that we were alone and could do whatever she wanted. she told me it would never happen and for some reason i still want it to.

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  • That's pretty bold. I'm attracted to my mother-in-law too. But I can't imagine being so blunt.

  • My mother-in-law caught me ** after I took a shower in her private bathroom.

    I stood there as she scrambled to apologize and find the door again. For what seemed like minutes, I took a few steps closer and asked her to stay and get whatever she was looking for - the gesture was odd but seemingly innocent. Trying to cover up was pointless at this point. I even put the towel back down.

    It's amazing how much the eyes can pick up even during a blink when she saw me and turned away in embarrassment.

    The entire time, I was hoping that she would take another glance.

  • Are u the panty sniffer too?
    a man who truly cared for his wife wouldn't be trying to bed her mother, **

  • I traveld all my life and been to many countries in my life, but i only hear this crezy stuff in america. you are just stupid people without life.

  • Lol, well take your judgement back to your country, we dont really care what u think ** hole

  • I agree with the above poster. What a nasty situation. And the mother has issues too, for not flipping out on her son in law. How would you feel if you knew your wife was doing your dad?? You disgust me

  • a man who truly cared for his wife wouldn't be trying to bed her mother, **

  • So true.
    She make look hot in jeans or is friendly that’s not a reason to want to bang her

  • the above poster must be a woman. cause men wouldn't care

  • That is disgusting, above poster. How dysfunctional is that? You need to stop hitting on your wife's mom, and you need to tell your wife what you've been thinking about and worse, acting on.

  • Give it another shot. She may have thought you were not serious. Nothing better then doing both, and if your lucky you could get them both in the bed together.

  • Are u the panty sniffer too?

  • No maybe s panty feeler used to feel my Mum's in her undergarments drawer for years ,don't know if she ever realized it as she had never said anything to me over the many years. What do you think.?

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