I want to so bad

I met this 20 something last week and she asked me for my number. I told her I was married a bunch of times but she didn't seem to care. So I gave her my number. And over the past week she has sent me multiple nude in different positions. And wearing lil stool girl outfits and whatnot. She says she likes older men. I'm in my mid 40s by the way. What I really want to do is 1 of two things. Eather have my wife(she's in her early 30s) watch me f*** this tight teen. Or have her join in and show her how I like it.

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  • I’m 53 and currently f****** a 21 year old co worker.Jenny a cute blonde with the most perfect ass in our office. We started to bond during lunch and could not stay away from each other and eventually she invited me to chat with her over things at her place. Her commented that her boyfriend does not pay much attention to her and does not appear to value her conversation so when we first met I knew she just wanted someone to get things off her shoulders. She doesn’t know many people in this huge city
    One evening after drinking wine she reached over and kissed me. I thought it would be quick and simple but she continued to drive her tongue in my mouth. I hadn’t felt that passion in a long time. Well hands started to wander and before you know it we were both naked. It felt great sucking her firm perky t***. Finally getting to feel her thick tight ass
    I couldn’t resist going down on her. I have always loved performing oral on females. The passionate vocals noises she was making indicated she wasn’t really used to this. The taste of her juices made it that more exciting for me. After she screamed she was c****** I knew things were going my way. she pushed me down on the couch and put my c*** in her out hand made love to it. I was trying to enjoy watching her young beautiful face sucking on it then siluddenly I unloaded in her mouth. Without both of us not saying anything I got dresses and walked out the door. I thought it might be over for us. She started leaving me these awesome little notes telling me how she is glad we met and has never been happier. We now meet each other sometimes 2 times out of the week and it’s been the best s** in forever. Things work out great for both us since her boyfriend has no sexual interest as my wife does not either

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