The pain

I like to beat the living day lights put of my wife. I derive great satisfaction from it. I like to push it to the brink, when I choke her I like to see the life leaving the whites of her eyes. She whimpers and cries like a puppy and it makes me go further, I humiliate her; when she misbehaves I like to pull down her pants and put her over my knee and spank her like a child, usually with a spatula. Why do I find this hilarious ? Help!!!



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  • You should come to my house and I'll beat the s*** out of you!! I'm a female.But not a defenceless one.

    I'm a Mixed Martial Artist and a power lifter.I'll choke the s*** out of you and I'll not only,make "You" whimper like a little b****! "You'll be s******* yourself aswell!"

  • Doesn't sound like you need the help, but I'll spot you. We could keep this cowardly little psycho mostly alive for daaaaaaays. Do you have a soundproof room and a couple of rubber aprons? I'll bring the other toys-- or at least some popcorn!

  • Sociopath? mental illness? Get help before you wind up in prison.

  • Oh, no. Creatures like this need something a little different from prison.

    You know how in some cultures, the worst thing they do to a prisoner is let the women get creative on him? That's what's needed here.

  • Amen! Ditto! And right on!

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